Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Alice Norin Indonesian Pretty Actrees and Model

Alice Norin (born at stavanger, norway, 21 junes 1987; age 22 year) model and player sinetron nationality indonesia. Alice precede career at model world since aged 13 year. besides at modelling world, crossbred woman norwegia-manado-sunda that this a muslim even also fathoms character world with headline several sinetron. sinetron that headlined by alice among others, wulan, twin daughter, girl, he, love s, allah the almighty and friend curious.

Not only glass sail, oldest from 3 bersaudara this also clear away wide sail. principal film alice bergenre horor with psychopath title (2005). at this the principal film, alice get principal character as mita. in this film is alice plays sigit hardadi, ferry exel, nella anne, oil lamp rafisah, mario j. wibowo, rony galoeng, egi fadly, with stage manager directive rudi aryanto, with memproduseri by andi ekim.
After fathom model world and sinetron, alice try to be stage manager. this matter is not surprises because pair daughter alfred almendingan and sofie this take direction broadcasting. alice work on clip video have a title rusty guitar found at album out evening repackage the husband property dj riri mestica. since long

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